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Mobiderm Autofit Stocking


Adjustable stocking for the treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema of the lower limb. 

suitable for

  • Mild to moderate lymphoedema
  • Regular or non regular limb shape (thanks to the adjustable tabs)
  • Stable or changeable oedema
  • Day time & night time use
  • Primary or secondary lymphoedema (for example, post-cancer treatment) and for lymphoedema of the uro-genital area with migration to the leg.


The thigh-high Mobiderm Autofit stocking is intended for the treatment of lymphedema and lipoedema of the lower limb, of primary or secondary lymphoedema (for example, post-cancer treatment) and for lymphoedema of the uro-genital area with migration to the leg.

Specifically, Mobiderm Autofit is indicated once oedema reduction is complete and where ongoing stabilisation of the limb size is required.

Mobiderm Autofit is particularly suitable for people with dysmorphia or progressive oedema, and who wish to control their lymphoedema independently.

Taking over from day-time compression and as a genuine alternative to self-bandaging, Mobiderm garments have been developed to continue mobilising oedema during the night or when relaxing at home and thereby reinforce the effects of the day-time treatment.

These garments are made of a soft elastic material designed to deliver a soft pressure, well-accepted by patients when worn overnight. They are fitted with the Mobiderm Technology on the inside, which helps promote lymphatic circulation with micro-massages.


  • Reinforce the effects of the day-time treatment
  • Maintains the volume reduction of oedema

Ease of use

  • Enhances patient’s autonomy and self-management
  • A single, simple garment to put on


  • Unintrusive and discreet treatment
  • Doesn’t disrupt sleep

MOBIDERM Autofit Thigh features:

  • Thigh-high, incorporating the Mobiderm Technology
  • Semi-open design: easy on / off.
  • Velcro fastener with several tabs for morphological adaptation.
  • Double row of fasteners for optimized adjustment.
  • Adjustment marks for accuracy and control.
  • Sole with anti-slip pads.

Order Forms

Clinicians can click here to download an order form. Email to orders@newvision.ie with the patient prescription

How to choose your size

  • Measure at the ankle, calf and thigh. Choose your size
  • Measure the length from the floor to the thigh (measure at the gluteal fold as per the illustration below). Choose correct length

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