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Why Wear Sport Compression

Recognised specialist in medical compression, Thuasne puts its expertise at the service of athletes and offers its new range of VENOFLEX® Compression adapted to the needs of athletes. Composed of recovery sleeves and socks, the Thuasne Sport Runtrail range covers the essential phases of sports practice by taking care of the athlete during and after exercise.

Degressive compression consists in applying a homogeneous pressure on the lower limbs, stronger at the level of the ankle and gradually decreasing up to the calf. This action will increase blood pressure and stimulate venous return for better blood oxygenation.

Used on the body of an athlete, decreasing compression will limit the appearance of cramps during intense efforts and optimise muscle recovery during the rest phase.

Clinical Study

Sport, fatigue and less pain… it’s possible!

Practicing your sport, even at high intensity, while limiting the effects of physiological fatigue on pain, it is possible thanks to the decreasing compression.

A clinical study, carried out by Thuasne in partnership with the LPE Savoie, has shown completely UNPRECEDENTED results on sports compression during exercise.

A More Responsive Stride

Wearing compression sleeves generates immediate biomechanical adaptation and positively transforms the way you run. The stride becomes more dynamic, bouncier and more efficient.

The running pattern is optimised and limits the effects of fatigue.

Compression Has A Protective Effect

Reduction of trauma to the tissues requested during the effort thanks to the compression sleeves and their effect of optimising the physiognomy of the race.

Compression preserves pain: significant reduction by half of the pain observed in the Achilles tendon in post-effort.

More Efficient Muscle Oxygenation

Benefits provided by the compression visible before and after effort: 63% increase in muscle oxygenation before exercise and faster re-oxygenation of the requested muscle in the immediate recovery phase.

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