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Mobiderm Pads


 Mobiderm pads for treating lymphoedema

Mobiderm® is composed of foam blocks encased in between two bandages which, when used under a reducing bandage, creates a pressure difference between the supporting zone created by the cubes, and the surrounding area.  This improves the flow of lymphatic fluid.

Available in 3 different sizes

  • Small 25cm x 25cm / Cube Size 5mm x  5mm
  • Standard 25cm x 100cm / Cube Size 5mm x 5mm
  • Standard 20cm x 100cm / Cube Size 15mm x 15mm


Mobiderm mobilising pads for treating Lymphoedema

Designed to mobilise oedematous or indurated subcutaneous tissues.

Intended for the treatment of Lymphoedema in maintenance phase for day and night to maintain the volume reduction.

MOBIDERM is a medical device made up of foam cubes encased between two non-woven bandages.

The MOBIDERM Technology can be used under compressive bandaging (as a bandage or pad forms), incorporated into mobilising garments, or worn underneath everyday form fitting clothing or undergarments.

Due to the difference in pressure created between the support area of the cubes and their surrounding area, it helps the lymphatic fluid flow and optimises the drainage efficacy.

MOBIDERM Pads are available in small and large cubes to adapt to various needs and oedema locations. Small cubes are for Hand, Foot, Breast, Head and Neck and Genital Oedema. Large cubes are for Arm and Leg Oedema and for use under multi-layer bandaging.

Additional information

Pad size

25cm x 25cm, 5mm Cube, 25cm x 100cm, 5mm Cube, 20cm x 100cm, 15mm Cube


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