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Mambo Max Hollow Foam Roller


A compact, lightweight, textured foam roller that allows you to target tight muscles; helping to increase mobility and accelerate recovery time

With a raised trigger point bump texture that creates targeted pressure massaging the muscles, promoting blood flow and releasing tense tissue


  • Improve recovery time & flexibility
  • Reduce muscle & joint pain
  • Release muscle tension, tightness & prevent injuries
  • Helps to alleviate lower back pain
  • 3D ribbed high-density foam provides a realistic massaging sensation
  • Grid system offers differing levels of intensity


The Mambo Max Hollow Foam Roller can help you to alleviate any aches and pains brought on through stiff muscles and tension, rolling over the roller with the target muscle group area will effectively massage and release tension to help increase and improve your flexibility and can also be helpful to reduce back pain too.


Knots and tightness in muscles can limit movement and cause muscular imbalances in your body. Using the Mambo Max Hollow Foam Roller helps to maintain a balanced physique by releasing the tightness through self-massage.

Your muscles may feel sore and tight after workout, after long day at the office, or after travelling. This is when your Foam Roller comes in handy. Take your compact sized Mambo Max Hollow Foam roller and release tightness in minutes. It is important to release muscle tightness, get the blood flowing and remove lactic acids from your muscles, to help speed up your recovery!

The larger surfaces allow a superficial massage while the smaller shapes are designed for a deeper massage. Massage rollers are used to put pressure on the muscles’ trigger points and to loosen the tension in the muscles. Trigger points are often the cause of different pains.

Key features:

Trigger point bumps work like your massage therapist’s hands, creating targeted pressure to release tightness from your muscles. These special trigger point bumps help target the knots and tightness in your legs, calves, back and more.

The grid design acts as a pressure point system that targets the knots and tightness in your legs, calves, back and more. It works out any knots and tightness throughout your muscle groups to prevent injury and treat existing ones too.

The hollow lasting core, combined with the high-density foam creates more pressure with less effort.

Using a foam roller is recommended by many chiropractors, physical therapists and personal trainers.


Colour: Black/ Green
Product length: 33cm
Product diameter: 13cm
Features: Grid system acts as a pressure point system offering & differing levels of intensity


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