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Action Reliever


Soft off-loading knee brace for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis


  • Symptomatic unicompartmental femorotibial osteoarthritis (mild to moderate)
  • Knee off-loading for post-traumatic, post-operative or degenerative conditions
  • Knee pain and/or swelling management
  • Patient with mild to moderate femoro-tibial OA and medium activity
  • Patient seeking a light/low profile brace

Available in 2 models:
– Left leg Medial offloading / Right leg Lateral offloading
– Right leg Medial offloading / Left leg Lateral offloading

Please scroll down for sizing details


The Action Reliever has a unique off-loading action utilising straps to create a dynamic 3-point pressure system that is most effective on heel strike. This design works by applying corrective forces on the leg to reduce the load of the compartment affected by osteoarthritis. This reduces compression and inflammation which is proven to relieve pain. It is available for both medial or lateral OA.

Clinical study: “By wearing the brace, the pain on exertion was reduced and the pain-free distance extended.”


  • Dynamic off-loading the injured compartment is provided by inelastic straps and the combined rigid adjustable hinge on the affected side and the flexible stay on the unaffected side
  • Anatomically shaped straps creating a dynamic 3-point pressure system: maximum off-loading on heel strike
  • Anatomical knit with integrated anti-slip, oval-shaped, patellar silicone insert, comfort zone at popliteal crease and stretch knit at the edges
  • Compression and proprioceptive effect due to compressive elastic knit
  • Easy to close thanks to the effortless magnetic buckles with finger loops
  • Discreet brace, invisible under most clothing
  • Only 2 steps for fitting after the initial fit: slide up the leg and snap the buckles
  • 2 models: Right Medial/Left Lateral and Left Medial/Right Lateral


Action Reliever Instructions For Use

Action Reliever Fitting Guide

Sizing details:

Carefully take measurements in 3 places to get size required:

  1. Measure the thigh circumference at the highest point or 14 cm above the knee
  2. Measure the knee circumference in the middle of the patella, knee in slight flexion
  3. Measure the calf circumference 12 cm below the knee

Additional information


Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6, Size 7, Size 8


Medial Left/Lateral Right, Medial Right/Lateral Left


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