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Woodcast®  is a new cast and splinting material. which is fast, user-friendly, non toxic and biodegradable

It is a completely non-toxic material; made from clean wood and a biodegradable polymer. It perfectly moulds to any anatomical shape and can be remoulded as required using a dry heat without the use of hot water or rubber gloves.

  •  Woodcast® can be adjusted and re-adjusted over and over again
  • 1–2 mm Woodcast® can be easily cut both cold and warm, while 4mm Woodcast® can be cut when warm
  • The support and rigidity of Woodcast® can be adjusted by layering and combining different Woodcast® products to best suit your patients’ requirements.
  • There is no need to remove Woodcast® for imaging

“It is all very well having the only “green” product on the market, but does it work and what does it cost?”

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Woodcast 4in1The 4 in 1 | Splinting for the future

Woodcast 4in1

The Woodcast 4in1 is new pre-cut splint designed for Emergency Department splinting

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Lighter and more comfortable for the patient 
  • Less muscle deterioration 
  • Easy to remove  
  • Cost effective

4in1 Application Videos

Dorsal Wrist 

Volar Wrist  

Long Thumb


Short thumb