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XLR8 Walker Boot

XLR8 walker boot
positional toe gaurdwalker boot air cushionwalker boot calf designAdjustable plate walker boot design


XLR8 Walker Boot

Pneumatic walker boot easily fitted and inflated for patient comfort. For patients with grade 2/3 ankle sprain , fractured  foot, ankle and toe.



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Product Description


XLR8 Walker Boot

Potential Users

Grade2/3 ankle sprain and stable or iternally fixed fraxtures of the fibula,talus, medial malleolus, cancaneus and foot

Features & Benefits

  • Anatomically correct calf section is flared to enhance comfort and patient compliance
  • adjustable toe gaurd can be positioned or removed based on the patients foot length
  • User friendly individual medial and lateral built in air pumps enable individual adjustment of compression air chambers on both sides of the ankle
  • Create additional anterior and circumferential plate compression through alternative strapping configuration



Additional Information

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