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Action Reliever – Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

knee brace for osteoarthrits pain relief
Action Reliever brace for Osteoarthritis


Offloading knee brace for osteoarthritis



Product Description

Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

Semi soft, invisible under most clothes

Routinely prescribed for:

  • Uni-compartmental Osteoarthritis (lateral or medial)

  • Uni-compartmental (lateral or medial) knee requiring conditions requiring load reduction (double upright)


  • Dynamic offloading provided by the straps and the combined rigid adjustable hinge on the affected side/flexible stay on the unaffected side
  • Anatomically shaped straps creating a dynamic 3- point pressure system: maximum offloading on heel strike
  • Anatomical knit with integrated anti-slip silicone comfort zone at popliteal crease and stretch knit at the edges
  • Easy to close thanks to the effortless magnetic buckles with finger loop
  • Only 2 steps for fitting after the initial fit: Slide up the leg and snap the buckles




Osteoarthritic knee brace

measure at the knee cap



Additional Information


Medial Left / Lateral Right, Medial right / Lateral Left


Size 1 32-34cm, Size 2 35-37cm, Size 3 38-41cm, Size 4 42-45cm, Size 5 46-49cm, Size 6 50-53cm,


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